Be sure to include Gen. Patton and how his experience helped him become a better soldier. A song title or short story/novel’s opening line waiting to happen. Young soldiers ready to mobilize Federal Troops in 1913. Villa’s primary sidearm — the one that was “part of his person” — was a Bisley Colt. In 30 years of centralism, the legislative and judicial powers were submitted to the executive branch. Nothing unusual. Don’t know enough about the various Winchester models of the day.). mmm I can see there is no end to this post. I forgot 8 post d this. PJ Pretorius was poaching back the value of his confiscated African farm from the Germans at the same time Pancho Villa was crossing the Rio Grande to overthrow the Usurper Victoriano Huerta. The handle dropped straight down as befits a target-shooting piece, unlike the plough handle of the Peacemaker, and it had a low-slung and broad hammer. The Adventurers, Rangers and Scouts Who Fought the Battles of Empire. The ’95 was chambered for high-powered military rounds. The onset of puberty coincided with a newly discovered fascination for Claudia Cardenale’s cleavage, and I have been a sucker for La Revolución Mexicana ever since. I love how history passes one baton to the next then to the next and so on. More post about La Revolucion, por favor! General Francisco Villa carrying his favorite sidearm — a Colt Bisley manufactured in 1912, with mother-of-pearl grips. Pat: Read Not of War Only, also Glendon Swarthout’s They Came to Cordura and

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